An acknowledgement

Before I start down the path of publicly sharing all of the “thought marbles” that have been rolling around in my head seemingly forever, I feel compelled to acknowledge someone who can be BLAMED for setting this Blog in motion…his name is Mark.

Mark is the kind of guy who is not only a good friend and colleague, but he’s an absolute PAIN IN THE ASS as well (said with deep affection, just in case it wasn’t clear). He has been known to embody characteristics of each of the 5 Icons that I’ve outlined on my “So why wolves?” page, although he is far more prone to behave like a wolf or cat than the rest (yes Mark, if you’re reading this, you DO occasionally scurry around like a chicken! :-P). With all that said, he has proven that he has the wisdom, insight, and fortitude to convince this old, well-scarred wolf that he was wrong about how he was looking at his life’s work.

So why am I acknowledging him, and why should you care? It’s quite simple really. We all need people in our lives who encourage us, press our buttons, question us, laugh with us, soul search with us, and in general, allow us to ask ourselves “why not?” instead of “why should I?”. For the past two years (more or less), Mark has done all those things, and has helped me realize that the “hairball” of a book that I’ve been trying to write for many years was never going to happen unless I just started to WRITE IT DOWN. Never underestimate the “Knowing, Doing gap” (I’ll save the details for a later post). Sometimes we are too close to the problem to effectively execute what we KNOW is the right thing to do.

The fear of not having all of the answers had been keeping me from writing ANY OF IT down on paper (not to mention on the web). I’ve been teaching and executing the ideas for years in the workplace, but I felt that if I wrote them down for “the masses”, they needed to be “perfect”. While I’ve never sought perfection from anyone, when it came to my “hairball”, I could accept nothing less from myself. Mark truly helped me break down the stupidity of that irrational argument, and I am forever in his debt for the “slap in the head”.

Thanks Mark….this is all your fault! 😉

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