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In 1996 I was asked to present at a Project World Conference being held in Santa Clara CA. I was the Director of Program Management for a large division of 3Com Corporation at the time, and while I’d been managing projects and people for over 20 years at that point, this was my first experience at presenting to a large and diverse audience of fellow Project Managers. The presentation resonated so well with the audience that I was asked to present it at two more Project World Conferences in 1997.

This posting includes an exact copy of the presentation that I gave 14 years ago (except for the intro slide, which I just created), and in reviewing it after all of these years, I’m struck by the fact that some things never change…what was true in 1996, is still true today.

My world-view at the time was already evolving into proactively growing individuals into wolves rather than just “dealing with cat-like behaviors”, and this presentation (with a few tweaks) could be retitled “Preemptive Damage Control”…which is my term for the art of avoiding problems by actively watching and listening to a team so that they can be purposefully directed to “maneuver around them”. Enjoy it and let me know what you think.

Herding Cats (circa 1996)

While I’m on the subject of “Herding Cats”…here’s a very funny video that you might have already seen, but even if you have, it’s well worth a second viewing

Superbowl Commercial circa 2000

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